Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Tuesday, December 11

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Getting The Most Out Of Kubernetes with Resource Limits and Load Testing - Harrison Harnisch, Buffer Ballroom 6E Intro: KubeVirt BoF - Daniel Gonzalez Nothnagel, SAP & Ryan Hallisey, Red Hat 618-620 Cloud Jumping with Kubernetes - James Bowes, Manifold 4C 1/2 Birds of a Feather: What Should a Container Build Manifest Look Like? - Nisha Kumar, VMware 606-609 Panel Discussion: Growing Diversity in Open Source Projects – Moderated by Orna Berryman, Google Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Towards a Vendor Neutral Kubernetes - Andrew Kim, DigitalOcean Ballroom 6A Real-time Vision Processing on Kubernetes: Working with Data Locality - Yisui Hu, Google 611-614 Intro: Apps SIG - Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami 3 A/B Intro: Auth SIG - Jordan Liggitt & Tim Allclair, Google 602-604 Intro: CNCF Trail Map - Dee Kumar, Cloud Native Computing Foundation 2 A/B Intro: IBMCloud SIG - Sahdev Zala & Richard Theis, IBM Skagit 2 @ TCC Intro: VMware SIG - Fabio Rapposelli & Steve Wong, VMware 615-617 Experience Report: Running a Distributed System Across Kubernetes Clusters - Alex Robinson, Cockroach Labs Ballroom 6B On the OSS Path to Full Observability with Grafana - David Kaltschmidt, Grafana Labs 4C 3/4 Day Two Kubernetes: Tools for Operability - Bridget Kromhout & Zachary Deptawa, Microsoft Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC How Symlinks Pwned Kubernetes (And How We Fixed It) - Michelle Au, Google & Jan Šafránek, Red Hat Ballroom 6C Tutorial: Building & Running Kubernetes from Source and Submitting Your First PR - Ian Chakeres, Silvia Xu, Michael Taufen, & Federico Bongiovanni, Google (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Detail... Yakima 1 @ TCC Tutorial: Developing Production Ready Cloud Native NATS Applications - Waldemar Quevedo & Colin Sullivan, Synadia (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Tahoma 5 @ TCC Tutorial: Using Istio - Lee Calcote & Girish Ranganathan, SolarWinds (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Skagit 4/5 @ TCC

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Scale Your Service on What Matters: Autoscaling on Latency - Thomas Rampelberg, Buoyant Ballroom 6B Deep Dive: KubeVirt BoF - Scott Collier, Red Hat & Ben Warren, Cisco 2 A/B Cloud Native Transformation - Pavel Nikolov & Matt Hope, Fairfax Media 4C 1/2 Kubernetes and The GitOps Face-Off - Ricardo Aravena & Javeria Khan, Branch Metrics 606-609 Exploring Our User-Base Challenges: Getting Insight From StackOverflow‍ - Javier Salmeron, Bitnami Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Using a Managed Kubernetes Service in the Enterprise - Sujit D'Mello & Daniel Selman, Microsoft Ballroom 6A Scaling AI Inference Workloads with GPUs and Kubernetes - Renaud Gaubert & Ryan Olson, NVIDIA 611-614 Intro: Envoy - Matt Klein & Constance Caramanolis, Lyft 602-604 Intro: Kubernetes SIG Multicluster - Daneyon Hansen, Cisco, Quinton Hoole & Irfan Ur Rehman, Huawei 615-617 Intro: Release SIG - Tim Pepper, VMware & Aishwarya Sundar, Google Skagit 2 @ TCC Intro: Telepresence - Rafael Schloming, Datawire & Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami 618-620 Intro: TUF/Notary - Justin Cappos, NYU & Justin Cormack, Docker 3 A/B Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters - Best Practices - Meaghan Kjelland & Karan Goel, Google Ballroom 6E Water, Water, Everywhere: Making Kubernetes Audit Logs Potable - Kate Kuchin, Heptio 4C 3/4 What's Next for etcd Cluster Management? - Gyuho Lee, Amazon Web Services & Sam Batschelet, Red Hat Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Recent Advancements in Container Isolation - Tim Allclair & Adin Scannell, Google Ballroom 6C Tutorial: Hands-on Gitops - Brice Fernandes, Weaveworks (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Skagit 4/5 @ TCC Tutorial: KataContainers the Hard Way: Kubernetes + containerd + KataContainers - Lei Zhang, Alibaba & Xu Wang, HyperHQ (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Tahoma 5 @ TCC Tutorial: Kubeflow End-to-End: GitHub Issue Summarization - Michelle Casbon & Amy Unruh, Google (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Yakima 1 @ TCC

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Connecting and Testing Virtual Network Topologies on Kubernetes - Rich Renner & Gage Orsburn, One Source Integrations Ballroom 6E Intro: Knative Productivity BoF - Srinivas V. Hegde & Adriano Cunha, Google 618-620 The Evolution of the AppDirect Kubernetes Network Infrastructure - Pierre Lacerte & Alex Gervais, AppDirect 4C 1/2 Migrating Jenkins to Kubernetes Broke Our Brains - Jonathan Hess & Loren Trout, SAP 606-609 Panel Discussion: Community Building from Scratch: Sharing Experience of CNCF and K8s Meetups – Moderated by Mars Toktonaliev, Nokia Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Public Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Meeting – Moderated by Liz Rice, Aqua Security 4C 3/4 Peloton - A Unified Scheduler for Web-scale Workloads on Mesos & Kubernetes - Min Cai & Nitin Bahadur, Uber Ballroom 6A Machine Learning Model Serving and Pipeline Using KNative - Animesh Singh & Tommy Li, IBM 611-614 Deep Dive: Envoy - Matt Klein & Constance Caramanolis, Lyft 602-604 Intro: Cloud Native Buildpacks – Terence Lee & Joe Kutner, Salesforce Heroku 615-617 Intro: CNCF Cross-Cloud CI - Denver Williams, Debian & Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop 2 A/B Intro: Contributor Experience SIG - Paris Pittman, Google & Elsie Phillips, Red Hat Skagit 2 @ TCC Intro: OpenStack SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation & David Lyle, Intel 3 A/B Exploring Application Portability Across Public Cloud Providers Using K8s - Erin Boyd & Ivan Font, Red Hat Ballroom 6B Debugging etcd - Joe Betz & Jingyi Hu, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Hardening Kubernetes Setups: War Stories from the Trenches of Production - Puja Abbassi, Giant Swarm Ballroom 6C

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Kubernetes Is Not For Developers and Other Things the Hype Never Told You - Taylor Thomas & Jordan Olshevski, Microsoft Ballroom 6E Intro: Network Service Mesh BoF - Ed Warnicke, Cisco & Frederick F. Kautz IV, Red Hat 602-604 Kubernetes at Reddit: An Origin Story - Greg Taylor, Reddit, Inc 4C 1/2 Kustomize: Deploy Your App with Template Free YAML - Ryan Cox, Lyft 606-609 Enhancing Kubernetes: A Journey Through the KEP Process - Stephen Augustus, Red Hat & Jaice Singer DuMars, Google Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Building your own PostgreSQL-as-a-Service on Kubernetes. - Alexander Kukushkin, Zalando SE Ballroom 6A Machine Learning as Code: and Kubernetes with Kubeflow - Jason " Jay" Smith, Google & David Aronchick 611-614 Intro: containerd - Mike Brown, IBM & Derek McGowan, Docker 3 A/B Intro: CoreDNS - Yong Tang, MobileIron, Inc & Cricket Liu, Infoblox 2 A/B Intro: Falco - Loris Degioanni, Sysdig 615-617 Intro: Fluentd - Eduardo Silva & Masahiro Nakagawa, Treasure Data 618-620 Intro: Vitess - Dan Kozlowski & Sugu Sougoumarane, PlanetScale Skagit 2 @ TCC Use the Cluster API to Deploy Clusters On-Prem and in Public Clouds - Loc Nguyen, VMware & Kris Nova, Heptio Ballroom 6B Observability is the Key Tenet of Running a Multi-Tenant K8s Environment - Thom McCann & Amreth Chandrasehar, T-Mobile 4C 3/4 Rightsize Your Pods with Vertical Pod Autoscaling - Beata Skiba, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Athenz with Istio: Single Access Control Model in Cloud Infrastructures - Tatsuya Yano, Yahoo Japan Corporation Ballroom 6C Tutorial: Deploying Windows Apps with Draft, Helm and Kubernetes - Patrick Lang & Jessica Deen, Microsoft (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Tahoma 5 @ TCC Tutorial: Getting Your Hands Dirty with Knative - Bas Tichelaar & Adé Mochtar, Instruqt (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Yakima 1 @ TCC Tututorial: Building Security into Kubernetes Deployment Pipelines – Andrew Martin & Pi Unnerup, ControlPlane; Michael Hough & Liam White, IBM (Limited Seating Available - See Description for Details) Skagit 4/5 @ TCC

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