Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Wednesday, December 12

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Deploying Rock Solid Applications with Kubernetes - Jelmer Snoeck, Manifold Ballroom 6E Our Journey to Service 5 Million Messaging Connections on Kubernetes - Dylan O'Mahony, Bose & Dave Doyle, Connected 611-614 Automating Enterprise Governance Using the CI/CD Pipeline - Satyam Agarwala, ThoughtWorks & Mark Angrish, ANZ Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Birds of a Feather: LGBTQIAP+ - The Final Minority Challange - Rob de Canha-Knight, SUSE 4C 1/2 Custom Controllers to the Rescue: Tailoring API Objects to Your Needs - Stephen Chan & Davi Arnaut, Airbnb Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Nezha: A Kubernetes Native Big Data Accelerator For Machine Learning - Huamin Chen, Red Hat & Yuan Zhou, Intel Ballroom 6A Deep Dive: etcd - Xiang Li, Alibaba & Wenjia Zhang, Google 3 A/B Deep Dive: kubespray - Antoine Legrand, Red Hat & Chad Swenson, AT&T 602-604 Intro: Autoscaling SIG - Solly Ross, Google & Michael Hausenblas, Red Hat 618-620 Intro: AWS SIG - Nishi Davidson, Amazon Web Services & Justin Santa Barbara, Google 615-617 Intro: Azure SIG - Khaled (Kal) Henidak , Microsoft & Stephen Augustus, Red Hat 2 A/B Intro: Windows SIG - Michael Michael, VMware & Patrick Lang, Microsoft Tahoma 5 @ TCC Understanding CoreDNS in Kubernetes - John Belamaric, Google; Cricket Liu & Francois Tur, Infoblox Ballroom 6C Audit in Kubernetes, the Future is Here - Stefan Schimanski & Maciej Szulik, Red Hat 606-609 Weave & Chick-fil-A: Managing Fleets of Kubernetes Clusters w/ GitOPs - Sean Drucker, Chick-fil-A, Inc. & Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks 4C 3/4 So You Want to Run Vault in Kubernetes? - Seth Vargo, Google Ballroom 6B

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Debugging Applications on Kubernetes - Michelle Noorali & Radu Matei, Microsoft Ballroom 6E Intro: Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) BoF - Dan Kohn, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Tahoma 5 @ TCC Automating Research Workflows at BlackRock - Matthew Magaldi & Vaibhav Page, BlackRock 611-614 Using Prow for Testing Outside of K8s - Matt Landis, Amazon Web Services Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Eco-Friendly ML: How the Kubeflow Ecosystem Bootstrapped Itself - Peter MacKinnon, Red Hat 4C 1/2 Kubernetes Design Principles: Understand the Why - Saad Ali, Google Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Enterprise Machine Learning on K8s: Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead - Timothy Chen & Tristan Zajonc, Cloudera Ballroom 6A Deep Dive: Linkerd - Oliver Gould, Buoyant 618-620 Deep Dive: Vitess - Dan Kozlowski & Sugu Sougoumarane, PlanetScale 3 A/B Intro: gRPC-Web - Stanley Cheung & Wenbo Zhu, Google 2 A/B Intro: Kubernetes IoT Edge WG – Cindy Xing, Huawei; Dejan Bosanac, Red Hat; Preston Holmes, Google; Steve Wong, VMware 615-617 Intro: Prometheus – Richard "RichiH" Hartmann, SpaceNet & Frederic Branczyk, CoreOS 602-604 Using gRPC for Long-lived and Streaming RPCs - Eric Anderson, Google Ballroom 6C Monitor the World: Meaningful Metrics for Containerized Apps and Clusters - Nicholas Turner, Amazon & Nic Cope, Planet Labs 606-609 Day 2 with Stateful Applications - Implementing a Data Protection Strategy - Deepika Dixit & Vaibhav Kamra, Kasten 4C 3/4 How We Survived Our First PCI/HIPAA Compliant Check with Kubernetes - Travis Jeppson, Nav Ballroom 6B

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Using Services Outside Kubernetes from Kubernetes with the Service Catalog - Ara Pulido, Bitnami Ballroom 6E Deep Dive: Kubeflow BoF - David Aronchick & Jeremy Lewi, Google 618-620 How Atlassian Built Our Own Kube Clusters and Why You Shouldn’t Do the Same - Nick Young, Atlassian 611-614 Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes - Carlos Sanchez, CloudBees Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Birds of a Feather: How to Train Your KubeAdmins - Stephany Spencer, USA TODAY NETWORK 4C 1/2 Airflow on Kubernetes: Dynamic Workflows Simplified - Daniel Imberman, Bloomberg & Barni Seetharaman, Google Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Demystifying Data-Intensive Systems On Kubernetes - Alena Hall, Microsoft Ballroom 6A Deep Dive: containerd - Derek McGowan, Docker & Phil Estes, IBM Cloud 615-617 Deep Dive: PM (Kubernetes) SIG - Ihor Dvoretskyi, Cloud Native Computing Foundation & Stephen Augustus, Red Hat 2 A/B Deep Dive: Prometheus – Richard "RichiH" Hartmann, SpaceNet & Frederic Branczyk, CoreOS 602-604 Deep Dive: Telepresence - Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami & Rafael Schloming, Datawire 3 A/B Intro: Open Policy Agent - Torin Sandall, Styra Tahoma 5 @ TCC Troubleshooting On-Premise Kubernetes Network: Underlay, Overlay and Pod - Tomofumi Hayashi, Red Hat Ballroom 6C Adopting Prometheus the Hard Way - Tim Simmons, DigitalOcean 606-609 Bringing Kubernetes to Bare-metal with a Focus on Users - Nicolas Trangez, Scality 4C 3/4 Scrutinizing SPIRE to Sensibly Strengthen SPIFFE Security - Matt Moyer, Heptio & Evan Gilman, Scytale Ballroom 6B

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Evolution of Integration and Microservices with Service Mesh and Ballerina - Christian Posta, Red Hat Ballroom 6E Intro: Chaos Engineering BoF - Sylvain Hellegouarch, ChaosIQ 602-604 Towards Trading on Kubernetes: Operating Multi-Tenant and Secure Clusters - Andrew Kochut & Javier Diaz-Montes, Two Sigma 611-614 Continuous Delivery on Platforms is Better for Your Brain (and Business!) - Daniel Jones, EngineerBetter Ltd Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Noobernetes 101: Top 10 Questions We Get From New K8s Users - Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle & Neependra Khare, CloudYuga 4C 1/2 Extending Load Balancer Using CRD in Different Kubernetes Cloud Providers - Wei Huang & Srinivas Brahmaroutu, IBM Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Kafka on Kubernetes - From Evaluation to Production at Intuit - Shrinand Javadekar, Intuit Ballroom 6A Deep Dive: CNCF Serverless WG / CloudEvents - Clemens Vasters, Microsoft & Cathy Zhang, Huawei Tahoma 5 @ TCC Deep Dive: CNCF Storage WG - Alex Chircop, StorageOS & Quinton Hoole, Huawei 615-617 Intro: CNCF Kubernetes Conformance WG - Dan Kohn, CNCF & Aaron Crickenberger, Google 2 A/B Intro: Jaeger - Yuri Shkuro, Uber & Pavol Loffay, Red Hat 618-620 Intro: Scheduling SIG – Da Ma, Huawei 3 A/B Switching the Engine (DNS) in Kubernetes: Benchmarks and Possibilities - Michael Grosser, Okkur Labs & Jake Sanders, Google Ballroom 6C Securing Application Telemetry & Tracing with SPIFFE and Envoy - Sabree Blackmon, Docker 606-609 Kubernetes Manages more than Just Containers - Ashley Schuett, Containership 4C 3/4 Navigating Workload Identity in Kubernetes - Michael Danese, Google & Spike Curtis, Tigera Ballroom 6B

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