Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Thursday, December 13

8:30am PST

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Deep Dive: Network Service Mesh BoF - Ed Warnicke, Cisco & Frederick F. Kautz IV, Red Hat 602-604 How T-Mobile Built and Scaled Kubernetes On-Prem for the 2018 Retail Season - James Webb, T-Mobile Ballroom 6A A Vision For API Machinery: Coming to Terms with the Platform We Built - Daniel Smith, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Deep Dive: Auth SIG - Tim Allclair & Jordan Liggitt, Google 2 A/B Deep Dive: CLI SIG - Maciej Szulik & Juan Vallejo, Red Hat Tahoma 5 @ TCC Deep Dive: Cloud Provider SIG - Chris Hoge, OpenStack Foundation & Jago Macleod, Google 3 A/B Deep Dive: Jaeger - Pavol Loffay, Red Hat & Yuri Shkuro, Uber 615-617 Deep Dive: Kubernetes SIG Multicluster - Irfan Ur Rehman, Huawei & Paul Morie, Red Hat 618-620 Multi-Cloud Ingress LB: Gimbal Use Case in Actapio and Yahoo Japan - Hirotaka Ichikawa, Actapio, Inc. & Ryutaro Inoue, Yahoo Japan Ballroom 6C Understanding Microservices with Distributed Tracing - Lita Cho, Lyft Ballroom 6B Running VM Workloads Side by Side with Container Workloads - Sebastian Scheele, Loodse 606-609 gRPC Performance; Tuning Applications and Libraries - Noah Eisen, Google 4C 3/4 How to Choose a Kubernetes Runtime - Justin Cormack, Docker 4C 1/2 How to Build Deep Learning Inference Through Knative Serverless Framework - Huamin Chen & Yehuda Sadeh-Weinraub, Red Hat Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Istio - The Packet's-Eye View - Matt Turner, Tetrate Ballroom 6E DBaaS on Kubernetes: Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Oil and Water - Steve Croce & Wes Ashkinazy, ObjectRocket 611-614 K8s Conformance Working Session: Supporting Multiple Environments - Dan Kohn, CNCF Yakima 1 @ TCC

11:00am PST

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11:40am PST

Migrating Internet Archive to Kubernetes - Tracey Jaquith & David Van Duzer, Internet Archive Ballroom 6A Custom Deployment Strategies for Kubernetes - Nail Islamov, Atlassian Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Deep Dive: API Machinery SIG - Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat & Daniel Smith, Google 615-617 Deep Dive: Apps SIG - Matt Farina, Samsung SDS & Adnan Abdulhussein, Bitnami Tahoma 5 @ TCC Deep Dive: Fluent Bit - Eduardo Silva & Masahiro Nakagawa, Treasure Data 602-604 Deep Dive: Kubernetes Policy WG - Zhipeng Huang, Huawei 2 A/B Deep Dive: Open Policy Agent - Torin Sandall, Styra 3 A/B Deep Dive: Rook - Travis Nielsen, Red Hat 618-620 Everyone Gets a Data Plane! Multi-Networking Kubernetes with the NPWG Spec - Dan Williams & Doug Smith, Red Hat Ballroom 6C Visualise Cluster Connectivity with Goldpinger; Smash it with PowerfulSeal - Mikolaj Pawlikowski, Bloomberg Ballroom 6B Kubernetes Scalability: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis - Maciek Różacki, Google & Shyam Jeedigunta 606-609 Got a Need for Speed? Accelerate Your Prometheus Dashboard Using Trickster - Shilla Saebi & James Ranson, Comcast 4C 3/4 Getting Your Hands "Dirty" in Container Sandbox - Ariel Shuper, Aqua Security 4C 1/2 Running Serverless HPC Workloads on Top of Kubernetes and Jupyter Notebooks - Christopher Woods, University of Bristol Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh – Moderated by Jason McGee, IBM Ballroom 6E Big Data Operations Using Kubernetes and Local Storage - Dan Norris, NetApp 611-614

12:15pm PST

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1:45pm PST

Deep Dive: Chaos Engineering BoF - Sylvain Hellegouarch, ChaosIQ & Julien Bisconti, 56k.cloud 602-604 Machine Learning the Kubernetes Way - Ania Musial & Keith Laban, Bloomberg Ballroom 6A Why Are We Copying and Pasting So Much? - Solly Ross & Philip Wittrock, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Deep Dive: Cluster Lifecycle SIG (Kubeadm) – Timothy St. Clair & Liz Frost, Heptio 618-620 Deep Dive: CNI - Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks & Dan Williams, Red Hat 3 A/B Deep Dive: Container Identity WG - Greg Castle & Michael Danese, Google 615-617 Deep Dive: IBMCloud SIG - Sahdev Zala & Richard Theis, IBM Yakima 1 @ TCC Deep Dive: Service Catalog SIG - Carolyn Van Slyck, Microsoft Azure & Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM 2 A/B Deep Dive: SPIFFE - Emiliano Bernbaum & Andrew Harding, Scytale Tahoma 5 @ TCC Container Networking From Scratch - Kristen Jacobs, Oracle Ballroom 6C Distributed Tracing in Serverless Systems - Nitzan Shapira, Epsagon Ballroom 6B You Can't Have a Cluster [BLEEP] Without a Cluster - Kris Nova, Heptio 606-609 eBPF Powered Distributed Kubernetes Performance Analysis - Lorenzo Fontana, InfluxData 4C 3/4 Security Considerations for Container Runtimes - Daniel Walsh, Red Hat 4C 1/2 T-Mobile Store Locator Serverless Journey with Knative and Kubernetes - Ram Gopinathan, T-Mobile Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Service Meshes: The Production Readiness Checklist for the Rest of Us - Zachary Arnold & Austin Adams, Ygrene Energy Fund Ballroom 6E Instrumenting and Scaling Cloud-Native Databases with Envoy - Daniel Hochman, Lyft 611-614

2:00pm PST

2:35pm PST

Deep Dive: SAFE BoF- Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi, padme.io & Dan Shaw, danshaw, LLC Yakima 1 @ TCC Monolith to Microservice: Pitchforks Not Included - Jason Plum, GitLab Ballroom 6A Extending Kubernetes or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Spec - David Zhu, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Deep Dive: Autoscaling SIG - Solly Ross, Google & Michael Hausenblas, Red Hat 602-604 Deep Dive: Azure SIG – Khaled (Kal) Henidak , Microsoft & Stephen Augustus, Red Hat 3 A/B Deep Dive: Cloud Native Buildpacks - Terence Lee & Joe Kutner, Salesforce Heroku Tahoma 5 @ TCC Deep Dive: Cluster Lifecycle SIG (Cluster API) - Robert Bailey, Google & David E. Watson, Samsung 618-620 Deep Dive: Kubernetes IoT Edge WG – Cindy Xing, Huawei; Dejan Bosanac, Red Hat; Preston Holmes, Google; Steve Wong, VMware 615-617 Deep Dive: TUF - Justin Cappos, NYU & Trishank Kuppusamy, Datadog 2 A/B The Telco Networking Journey to Cloud Native: The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Heather Kirksey, The Linux Foundation Ballroom 6C Unified Observability in Kubernetes and Beyond with OpenCensus - Morgan McLean & Jaana Burcu Dogan, Google Ballroom 6B Fly Your Containerized Environments by Joint Work of Harbor and Dragonfly - Jia Zou, VMware & Allen Sun, Alibaba 606-609 Encoding 250,000 Songs a Day with batch/v1 Jobs - Leigh Capili & John Slivka, Beatport 4C 3/4 How Standards, Specifications and Runtimes Make for Better Containers – Chris Aniszczyk, The Linux Foundation/CNCF; Jeffrey Borek, IBM; Rithu Leena John, CoreOS/Red Hat; Patrick Chanezon, Docker 4C 1/2 Knative: Scaling From 0 to Infinity - Joseph Burnett & Mark Chmarny, Google Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Reducing Mean-Time-to-Detection of Incidents with an Envoy Service Mesh - Constance Caramanolis, Lyft Ballroom 6E Vitess at HubSpot: How We Moved Hundreds of MySQL Databases into Kubernetes - Tom Petr & Alex Charis, HubSpot 611-614

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Deep Dive: Knative Productivity BoF - Jessie Zhu & Adriano Cunha, Google 615-617 Panel Discussion: Avoiding the Weeds in the Cloud Native Landscape – Moderated by Priyanka Sharma, GitLab Ballroom 6A The Life of a Kubernetes Watch Event - Wenjia Zhang & Haowei Cai, Google Tahoma 3/4 @ TCC Deep Dive: Big Data SIG - Erik Erlandson, Red Hat & Yinan Li, Google Yakima 1 @ TCC Deep Dive: Harbor - Tan Jiang & Jia Zou, VMware 3 A/B Deep Dive: Minikube - Bálint Pató & Thomas Strömberg, Google Tahoma 5 @ TCC Deep Dive: NATS - Colin Sullivan & Wally Quevedo, Synadia 2 A/B Deep Dive: Scheduling SIG - Bobby (Babak) Salamat, Google 618-620 Collecting Operational Metrics for a Cluster with 5,000 Namespaces - Rob Szumski & Chance Zibolski, Red Hat Ballroom 6B Managing Addons with Operators (Or How We Dropped Untested bash/sed for Go) - Jeff Johnson & Justin Santa Barbara, Google 606-609 Automated Kubernetes Scalability Testing - Sebastian Jug & Naga Ravi Chaitanya Elluri, Red Hat 4C 3/4 Container Security and Multi-Tenancy Tales from Kata and Nabla - Ricardo Aravena, Branch Metrics & James Bottomley, IBM 4C 1/2 Shopify’s $25k Bug Report, and the Cluster Takeover That Didn’t Happen - Greg Castle, Google & Shane Lawrence, Shopify Ballroom 6C Digital Transformation of Vision Banco Paraguay with Serverless Functions - Alex Ellis, VMware & Patricio Diaz, Vision Banco SAECA Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC Game Server Networking with Envoy - Christopher M Luciano, IBM Ballroom 6E Adding a New Storage Provider to Rook - Jared Watts, Upbound 611-614

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