Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Tuesday, December 11


Panel Discussion: Growing Diversity in Open Source Projects – Moderated by Orna Berryman, Google
Diversity in open source projects is worse than in tech overall. When GitHub surveyed 5,500 open source users and developers from around the world on a range of topics, it also asked for demographic information. Of that randomly selected cohort, a full 95 percent of respondents were male. Only three percent identified as female.

This panel discussion will be focused on what we can and should do to increase the number of people with different backgrounds, skill sets and experience working on open source projects. The panel comprises of 3 women who work on various key aspects of the Istio project and participate in the Cloud Native community.

avatar for Jasmine Jaksic

Jasmine Jaksic

Lead Technical Program Manager, Google
Jasmine Jaksic works at Google as the lead technical program manager on Istio. She has 15 years of experience building and supporting various software products and services. She is a cofounder of Posture Monitor, an application for posture correction using 3D camera. She is also a... Read More →
avatar for Lin Sun

Lin Sun

Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
Lin has been working on container and cloud-native since 2014 from Docker to Kubernetes to Service Mesh. She is currently an Istio maintainer, a member of the Istio steering committee and technical oversight committee. She is passionate about new technologies and loves to play with... Read More →

Limin Wang

Staff Software Engineer, Google
Limin Wang is a software engineer at Google. She is a technical lead of the Istio Security project. Before joining Google, she was a senior software engineer at VMware. Limin holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

Tuesday December 11, 2018 10:50am - 11:25am
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


The Art of Documentation for Open Source Projects - Ben Hall, Katacoda
While many Open Source projects have amazing code-bases, the documentation is letting them down and as a result they are losing influence and opportunities for adoption and feedback.

In this talk, Ben uses his expertise of building an Interactive Learning Platform to highlight The Art of Documentation. The aim of the talk is to help open source contributors understand how small changes to their documentation approach can have an enormous impact on how users get started.

Ben will discuss:
- How to create engaging documentation
- Defining technical details in an accessible way
- Building documentation that encourages users to get started
- How to manage documentation and keeping it up-to-date and relevant

In the end, attendees will have an understanding of how to build beautiful, useful documentation. This will be backed by examples from some of the best open source projects.

avatar for Ben Hall

Ben Hall

Founder, Katacoda
Ben is the founder of Katacoda (Katacoda.com), an interactive learning and training platform for software engineers. Katacoda specialises in enabling developers to understand Cloud-Native technologies including Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.Ben 是 Katacoda (Katacoda.com)的创始人,这是一家为软件工程师设计的交互式学习和培训平台。Katacoda... Read More →

Tuesday December 11, 2018 11:40am - 12:15pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Exploring Our User-Base Challenges: Getting Insight From StackOverflow‍ - Javier Salmeron, Bitnami
Kubernetes has become the de-facto container orchestration system that developers and system administrator use to go Cloud-Native. As more users adopt Kubernetes, supporting those users has become a critical need. Stackoverflow has been since the inception the place where to get support, even though other channels like Slack are also heavily used. It should not be surprising that the amount of questions in StackOverflow has increased by more than 800% in only two years. Getting to know our users, understand their pain points and and use cases is the best way to improve the ecosystem. In this talk we will show some deep analysis of Stackoverflow questions. We will show the major trends and describe the major pain points felt by our users. We will also discuss the most common use cases discovered and the most familiar tools that people use in combination with k8s.

avatar for Javier Salmeron

Javier Salmeron

Advanced Engineer, Bitnami
Javier has a PhD in Computer Engineering. Has worked for several years in both researching and teaching the application of cloud-native technologies to High Performance Computing. He currently works as an engineer at Bitnami, where he packages applications ready to be deployed in... Read More →

Tuesday December 11, 2018 1:45pm - 2:20pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Panel Discussion: Community Building from Scratch: Sharing Experience of CNCF and K8s Meetups – Moderated by Mars Toktonaliev, Nokia
CNCF helps volunteers with organizing meetups all around the world. This session will share our experiences of building communities around Kubernetes, containers and cloud-native projects. Covered topics include where to get speakers, what talks got the most attention, how to promote events and get more people to participate etc.

avatar for Mars Toktonaliev

Mars Toktonaliev

CloudRAN system engineer, Nokia
Mars is 5G CloudRAN engineer at Nokia. He also runs Dallas Kubernetes meetup group.

avatar for Takuya Noguchi @tnir

Takuya Noguchi @tnir

Core Team, GitLab SuperStar 2018/2019, GitLab Core Team
Takuya is a tech lead/software engineer to make digital transformation in retails and financial services with new DevOps practices. He is also a GitLab Core team memeber, leads/supports many communities including Docker/Kubernetes/Prometheus/Cloud Native-related meetups and has a... Read More →
avatar for Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

VP Ecosystem, Linux Foundation
Cheryl Hung is VP Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where she drives adoption of cloud native infrastructure. As a non-profit under the Linux Foundation, the CNCF hosts open source projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy.She founded the 5000+ strong Cloud... Read More →
avatar for Lucas Käldström

Lucas Käldström

Student, Contracting
Lucas is a cloud native enthusiast that just graduated from High School. Lucas is serving the Kubernetes community in various lead positions, e.g. as a co-lead for SIG Cluster Lifecycle shepherding kubeadm from inception to GA, porting Kubernetes to multiple platforms and by being... Read More →
avatar for Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller

Director, Community Development, Red Hat, Inc.
Director, Community Development, Cloud Platforms BU

Tuesday December 11, 2018 2:35pm - 3:10pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Public Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Meeting – Moderated by Liz Rice, Aqua Security
The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) provides technical leadership to the cloud-native community. The CNCF will host a public TOC meeting, inviting the community to discuss the project roadmap for 2018, the upcoming TOC Election Schedule for 2018, along with holding an open Q&A for the community with TOC members.

avatar for Liz Rice

Liz Rice

Vice President, Open Source Engineering, Aqua Security
Liz Rice is VP Open Source Engineering at cloud native security specialists Aqua Security. She also chairs the CNCF's Technical Oversight Committee, and was Co-Chair of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in 2018. She has a wealth of software engineering experience working on network protocols... Read More →


Jonathan Boulle

Jonathan works at nStack and is an advisor to CoreOS. He previously worked at Twitter building out datacenters and developing their application container and orchestration systems based around Mesos. He’s been heavily involved in container standardisation efforts like the App Container... Read More →
avatar for Bryan Cantrill

Bryan Cantrill

CTO, Joyent
Bryan Cantrill is the CTO at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms, and the Node.js platform.Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he spent over a decade working on system... Read More →
avatar for Brian Grant

Brian Grant

Principal Engineer, Google
Brian is the co-Technical Lead of Google Kubernetes Engine, former co-Chair of Kubernetes SIG Architecture, Kubernetes Steering Committee Emeritus, and CNCF Technical Oversight Committee member. His experience while technical lead of Google's internal container platform, Borg, motivated... Read More →
avatar for Ben Hindman

Ben Hindman

Mesosphere Founder - Apache Mesos Co-Creator, Mesosphere
Ben is one of the creators of Apache Mesos, a platform for building and running resource-efficient distributed systems at scale. Ben started working on Mesos as a PhD student at Berkeley before he brought it to Twitter where it runs on thousands of machines. An academic at heart... Read More →
avatar for Quinton Hoole

Quinton Hoole

Technical Vice President, Futurewei
https://www.linkedin.com/in/quintonhoole/YouTube me for previous presentations.CNCF TOC Member
avatar for Ken Owens

Ken Owens

Vice President, Digital Native Architecture, Mastercard
Ken Owens is the Vice President for Digital Native Architecture at Mastercard. He was previously the CTO of Cloud Native Platforms at Cisco, where he was responsible for creating and communicating technical/scientific vision and strategy for Cisco’s cloud native technologies. He... Read More →
avatar for Alexis Richardson

Alexis Richardson

Founder & CEO, Weaveworks
Alexis is the CEO of Weaveworks and the chairman of the TOC for CNCF. Previously he was at Pivotal, as head of products for Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Tomcat and vFabric. Alexis was responsible for resetting the product direction of Spring and transitioning the vFabric business... Read More →

Tuesday December 11, 2018 2:35pm - 3:10pm
4C 3/4


Enhancing Kubernetes: A Journey Through the KEP Process - Stephen Augustus, Red Hat & Jaice Singer DuMars, Google
Developing software is hard! It can be even more challenging in a large-scale open source project with multiple companies, potentially competing concerns, timezones to scale; the list goes on.

This talk will be a case study in Program, Product, and Project Management for one of the largest, most contributed to, most popular open source projects in the world, Kubernetes.

We’re going to provide you with a glimpse into the history of Kubernetes feature development, followed by a deep dive on the evolution of the KEP (Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal), our current process for tracking and delivering project enhancements.

avatar for Stephen Augustus

Stephen Augustus

Lead, Cloud Native Tools & Advocacy, VMware
Stephen Augustus is an active leader in the Kubernetes community. He currently serves as a Special Interest Group Chair (Release, PM), a Release Manager, and a subproject owner for Azure.Stephen leads the Cloud Native Developer Strategy team at VMware, driving meaningful interactions... Read More →
avatar for Jaice Singer DuMars

Jaice Singer DuMars

Senior Engineering Manager, Apple
Black lives matter.

Tuesday December 11, 2018 3:40pm - 4:15pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


The Cloud Native Meetup Community A-Z - Moderated by Kaslin Fields, Oracle
The Cloud Native open source community is famous not only for the great technical capability it provides but also for the incredible community that creates and supports it. The Cloud Native community spans the globe but getting to know the community near YOU can be especially helpful. Meetups are a common tool throughout the tech world for people with similar interests to meet and learn from one another, and it’s particularly popular with open source communities. Whether you’re in Austin, Texas, Seattle, WA, or lots of other places around the world, there’s probably a meetup (or several!) near you. And if there isn’t, you can start one yourself! In this talk, container and cloud-native related meetup founders, organizers, speakers, and hosts from companies ranging from small startups to large fortune 500 companies will discuss their experiences with the meetup community.

avatar for Matt Baldwin

Matt Baldwin

Director, Cloud Native Engineering, NetApp
Matt Baldwin is the Founder and CEO of StackPointCloud, Inc., a Kubernetes company. He is one of the creators of Stackpoint.io, the leading management and automation platform for public cloud Kubernetes. Along with his work on Stackpoint.io he also helps run the global Kubernetes... Read More →
avatar for Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote

Founder, Layer5
Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about developer platforms and management software for clouds, containers, functions and applications. Advanced and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus through Calcote’s tenure at SolarWinds, Seagate... Read More →
avatar for Ihor Dvoretskyi

Ihor Dvoretskyi

Developer Advocate, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
avatar for Lisa-Marie Namphy

Lisa-Marie Namphy

Dev Advocate & Community Architect, Portworx
Lisa-Marie currently organizes and runs the SF Bay Cloud Native Open Infra User Group (formerly SF Bay OpenStack), personally hosting the bi-weekly meetup for the past 5 years. Lisa now runs the world’s largest CNCF user group and has been a long time contributor, advocate (and... Read More →

Tuesday December 11, 2018 4:30pm - 5:05pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building
Wednesday, December 12


Kubernetes is Still Hard for App Developers, Let’s Fix That! - Aaron Schlesinger, Microsoft
In this session, I’ll present two case studies that reveal the general needs of most small to medium size application developers. I’ll show that that these developers are severely underserved in the community and that we can drastically improve their experience and grow the Kubernetes community significantly.

I’ll use these case studies to detail the technologies a new developer needs to learn before they can get their app running, and I’ll demonstrate the workflow most new developers follow to launch and maintain their app in production.

I’ll then describe a hypothetical toolchain based on real world tools that would significantly simplify app creation and deployment for these users. The audience will leave with a deep understanding of a large class of underserved Kubernetes users and ideas for how to meet their needs.

avatar for Aaron Schlesinger

Aaron Schlesinger

Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Aaron is a developer advocate at Microsoft Azure and a core maintainer of the Athens Project. He is an emeritus core maintainer and chair of the Kubernetes SIG-Service-Catalog and a contributor to various other projects in the Kubernetes community. He enjoys distilling his wide ranging... Read More →

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Wednesday December 12, 2018 10:50am - 11:25am
4C 1/2


Birds of a Feather: LGBTQIAP+ - The Final Minority Challange - Rob de Canha-Knight, SUSE
The technology and open source community has made great efforts over the past few years to try and improve the ease of access to the field to minority communities. There has been some success in enabling Female and BAME groups into Tech related employment fields.

However, there remains one subsection of the technology community that is still significantly underrepresented. The LGBTIQIA community is still significantly underrepresented in tech with some estimates placing this community at 3-4% of employees.

This birds of a feather session will discuss the issues that lead to this underrepresentation as well as strategies companies and OSS communities can use to ensure they get the best employees and contributors regardless of any minority group that these employees or contributors belong to as after all; companies communities with a more diverse workforce are better enabled for success

avatar for Rob De Canha-Knight

Rob De Canha-Knight

Technical Strategist, SUSE
I'm a strategist for SUSE and I help customers and communities architect and achieve all their Container, Kubernetes, Cloud and DevOps dreams!

Wednesday December 12, 2018 11:40am - 12:15pm
4C 1/2


Open Source, Open Community and Open Development - Craig McLuckie, Heptio
As we look back on the history of Kubernetes, decisions we made on our approach to the community fundamentally shaped not only the character of the project, but drove its success in a contested ecosystem. During this session Craig, one of the Kubernetes founders will talk through decisions made on how to approach the community and how that ultimately shaped the future and success of the project. We will look at lessons learned through the early days of Kubernetes and look at how those can be applied to new projects and initiatives going forwards.

The talk will focus on Open Source and its significance in driving adoption of new enterprise technologies in the emerging world, Open Community and the value of a truly vendor neutral environment, and Open Design that allow users of a technology to participate in its evolution.

avatar for Craig McLuckie

Craig McLuckie

CEO, Heptio
Craig McLuckie is the CEO of Heptio. Previously he worked at Google where co-founded the Kubernetes project, bootstrapped the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and launched Google Compute Engine.

Wednesday December 12, 2018 1:45pm - 2:20pm
4C 1/2


Eco-Friendly ML: How the Kubeflow Ecosystem Bootstrapped Itself - Peter MacKinnon, Red Hat
How do you bootstrap an open source project that aims to provide stability, composability, and portability for machine learning? You use Kubernetes and its rich ecosystem to implement the pieces of infrastructure that you need to deliver a comprehensive ML platform for data scientists and DevOps engineers alike. This talk will explore the various integrations that have enabled Kubeflow to quickly emerge as the de-facto machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes. We'll look in detail at not only how Kubeflow leverages Ambassador, Argo, Ksonnet, and JupyterHub, but also examine integration with complementary projects such as Pachyderm and SeldonIO. You will leave this talk with a better understanding and inspiration of how a particular project can rapidly achieve its potential by working with other projects, and that those inter-project collaborations enrich the entire Kubernetes community.

avatar for Peter MacKinnon

Peter MacKinnon

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Pete MacKinnon is a Principal Software Engineer in the AI Center of Excellence at Red Hat. He is actively involved in the open source Kubeflow project to bring TensorFlow machine learning workloads to container environments (Kubernetes and OpenShift).

Wednesday December 12, 2018 2:35pm - 3:10pm
4C 1/2


Birds of a Feather: How to Train Your KubeAdmins - Stephany Spencer, USA TODAY NETWORK
Containers and Kubernetes management is a new skillset. You can't go out and hire as many experts as you'd like, so how do you train your own? This BOF will describe how USA TODAY NETWORK brings new hires up to speed in this brave new world.

This is a chance to discuss what has worked well, not so well and what we can all do better going forward. Bring your on-boarding stories to share and discuss how we can build more Kubernetes "experts".

avatar for Stephany Spencer

Stephany Spencer

Cluster Operations Engineer, USA TODAY NETWORK
Stephany Spencer is a Cluster Operations Engineer for USA TODAY NETWORK. She and her team members are actively building out large scale multi-tenant GKE clusters for numerous unique developer groups. Some of the more interesting highlights of her career include working at startups... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 3:40pm - 4:15pm
4C 1/2


Noobernetes 101: Top 10 Questions We Get From New K8s Users - Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle & Neependra Khare, CloudYuga
Neependra and Karthik have Kubernetes 101 courses on edX and lynda.com that are very popular and have had over 200,000 views. Over time, they’ve received many questions from folks who are new to K8s, after taking the courses, or in training. They want to spend some time elaborating on the most common questions we’ve received, and answer them once in for all!
 They’ll cover the following faq’s they get over and over again:
 - What kind of services should I use for my applications?
 - Shouldn’t I be using Istio instead of K8s now? What does K8s buy me when I can use istio?
 - How can we do capacity planning in K8s?
 - Why there is a high learning curve in K8s? Isn’t K8s too complicated?
 - What is the best way to set a development environment with K8s?
 - and many more
 You’ll leave with a much better understanding of K8s, the ecosystem, and have the knowledge to take on the cloud native world.

avatar for Karthik Gaekwad

Karthik Gaekwad

Principal Member of Techincal Staff, Oracle
Karthik Gaekwad is a veteran engineer who enjoys building software products using cloud and container technologies. He has worked in both large enterprises and startups with his career spanning National Instruments, Mentor Graphics, Signal Sciences, and StackEngine (acquired by Oracle... Read More →
avatar for Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare

Founder and Principal Consultent, CloudYuga
Neependra Khare is the Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga Technologies, which offers training and consulting services around cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Service Mesh, etc. He is an CNCF Ambassador and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA... Read More →

Wednesday December 12, 2018 4:30pm - 5:05pm
4C 1/2