Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Thursday, December 13


How to Build Deep Learning Inference Through Knative Serverless Framework - Huamin Chen & Yehuda Sadeh-Weinraub, Red Hat
Knative, a Kubernetes native serverless frame, was just made public. Although Knative is powerful and flexible, very little is known about how to integrate, use, and extend it.

In this talk, we present a deep learning inference demo to walk through Knative end-to-end.

Specially, we explain the following concepts and process:
- How to extend Knative Eventing by showing a new Knative Eventing Source: Ceph Rados Gateway (RGW) PubSub.
- Knative Serving concepts, such as route and configuration. We illustrate these concepts by providing a Knative route that is able to invoked by RGW PubSub event and trigger a deep learning inference task.
- Knative build concepts, such as build and buildtemplate. We substantiate these concepts by a real-world source to image pipeline that builds the deep learning task.

avatar for Huamin Chen

Huamin Chen

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Dr. Huamin Chen is a passionate developer at Red Hat' CTO office. He is one of the founding member of Kubernetes SIG Storage, member of Ceph, Knative, and Rook. He previously spoke at KubeCon, OpenStack Summits, and other technical conferences.
avatar for Yehuda Sadeh-Weinraub

Yehuda Sadeh-Weinraub

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Yehuda is a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat, and has been working on the Ceph project for over 10 years.

Thursday December 13, 2018 10:50am - 11:25am
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Running Serverless HPC Workloads on Top of Kubernetes and Jupyter Notebooks - Christopher Woods, University of Bristol
Jupyter notebooks, deployed on top of k8s, are finding rapid adoption in universities and industry. While k8s can spawn new pods for each notebook session, launching high performance computing (HPC) jobs during dynamic workflows is complicated. Fn is a serverless solution that sits on top of k8s. Individual simulations are deployed as Fn functions that are called dynamically from workflows run within Jupyter notebooks. A notebook running on a lightweight k8s cluster can burst HPC workloads via Fn serverless calls to another cluster running on a bare metal HPC/GPU cloud. Using Fn, we have constructed a distributed access, authentication and accounting layer around a shared object store. This adds security and accountability, thereby making it easy for end users to manage complex multi-cloud workflows involving lots of different types of hardware from within a easy-to-use Jupyter notebook.

avatar for Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods

Research Software Engineer, University of Bristol
I'm the Head of the Research Software Engineering Group (HoRSE) at the University of Bristol and am one of the first cohort of EPSRC RSE Fellows. I've been involved with the RSE community for many years now, and am Talks Chair for RSE19. Obviously I'm biased, but I think this will... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 11:40am - 12:15pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


T-Mobile Store Locator Serverless Journey with Knative and Kubernetes - Ram Gopinathan, T-Mobile
This talk will cover T-Mobile's serverless journey with the recently announced Knative project. The session will go into depth on how build and serving components of Knative project is leveraged to deliver store locator experience which consists of two functions indexing and query. Query function leverages geo distance search query capabilities provided by elastic search which is also deployed on kubernetes

avatar for Ram Gopinathan

Ram Gopinathan

Principal Technology Architect, T-Mobile
Ram is a Principal Technology Architect with 23+ years of experience in the Software industry with primary focus on containers, microservices, IoT and full stack software development. Ram also worked

Thursday December 13, 2018 1:45pm - 2:20pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Knative: Scaling From 0 to Infinity - Joseph Burnett & Mark Chmarny, Google
Knative Serving builds on Kubernetes and Istio to provide request driven compute that can scale to 0. It supports a variety of pluggable scaling strategies and tools for managing concurrency and trade-offs between cost and latency.

This presentation reviews the challenges of designing and building a system that can rapidly scale serverless workloads to 1000's of pods. And scaling to and from 0 when idle. It presents the scaling capabilities and extension points of Knative Serving and how to configure it to take advantage of both horizontal and vertical scaling. And the concurrency controls to configure Knative Serving as a single-threaded function framework or a multi-threaded application framework (or something in-between).

avatar for Joseph Burnett

Joseph Burnett

Software Engineer, Google
Joseph Burnett is currently a programmer for Google Cloud's serverless division. He works on App Engine and Knative as the Scaling Working Group lead. He has previously worked at Amazon Web Services and the United States Marine Corps.
avatar for Mark Chmarny

Mark Chmarny

Technical Program Manager, Serverless, Google
Mark Chmarny is a Technical Program Manager for Serverless at Google where he helped define many of the GCP compute and data offerings. Currently, Mark works on the open source Knative program and the Google’s GKE Serverless product. Before Google Mark was the Sr. Director of Datacenter... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 2:35pm - 3:10pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Birds of a Feather: Knative - Jessie Zhu, Google
Knative is an OSS project to build high-quality serverless components on Kubernetes with a "voltron effect": the pieces work separately, but come together to work even better. Jessie Zhu (Google) will facilitate a discussion on how we build and release Knative and the challenges of decoupled and pluggable interfaces.


Jessie Zhu

Software Engineer Manager, Tools and Infrastructure 软件工程师经理,工具和基础架构, Google
Jessie Zhu is a software engineer manager at Google working on engineering productivity for Knative and Google serverless products. Prior to Google, Jessie worked in Microsoft for 15 years building and leading teams of software developers to build tools and infrastructures (such as... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 3:40pm - 4:15pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building


Digital Transformation of Vision Banco Paraguay with Serverless Functions - Alex Ellis, VMware & Patricio Diaz, Vision Banco SAECA
This talk explores how a bank in Paraguay struggled with fire-fighting issues with their monolithic enterprise service bus code and embarked on a journey of digital transformation with serverless functions and Cloud Native technology. For Vision Banco SAECA Serverless with OpenFaaS gave an easy on-ramp to start making use of technology like Docker, Kubernetes and Prometheus within days through user-friendly abstractions and workflows. Patricio Diaz who leads the effort at the bank is now running two key parts of the home banking service (HomeServe) with OpenFaaS functions.

Due to the sensitive nature of the workloads - monitoring dashboards are important for the team and these were set up with the existing Prometheus data and Grafana. Given the initial success Patricio is working on moving more of the existing system functionality over to functions.

avatar for Patricio Diaz

Patricio Diaz

Senior Analyst, Vision Banco SAECA
Patricio Díaz is an independent consultant that works full time on Vision Banco doing development and research for new tech applicable to its ecosystem, also supporting the several teams of the IT department.
avatar for Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis

Founder, OpenFaaS Ltd
Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement. As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 4:30pm - 5:05pm
Tahoma 1/2 @ TCC The Conference Center (TCC) - Separate from WSCC building