Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Thursday, December 13


Istio - The Packet's-Eye View - Matt Turner, Tetrate
The Istio project reached 1.0 this summer, and is mature enough to have LTS releases. It's getting a lot of attention, but in a lot of ways it's still a mystery. You've probably read about it, you might have tried it, but do you really understand it? It promises advances routing, security, and resiliency, all for free! In this session I'll present a practical introduction to the operation of Istio - what features it can bring to your environment.

What's unique about this talk is that we'll be exploring the different parts of Istio by following one plucky little packet into the mesh, through it, and out again. As we meet each component we'll learn why it's there, what it does, and see a demo of how to configure it for common tasks. This will leave you not only with slides showing example configs, but a valuable mental model and a unique insight into the service mesh's operation.

avatar for Matt Turner

Matt Turner

Head of Platform, Ziglu
Matt is CTO at Native Wave, a company that designs, builds, and manages cloud-native platforms using the best open source software. Native Wave works with the whole business to re-architect and refactor applications to get the most from modern cloud technologies. Matt has been doing... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 10:50am - 11:25am
Ballroom 6E


Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh – Moderated by Jason McGee, IBM
Have you heard the buzz around microservices and containers lately? With containers becoming the new standard to building microservice based applications for production, users are leveraging the service mesh to solve common issues with routing, re-routing for graceful degradation as services fail, secure inter-service communication and rate limiting between services. Join us for a live interactive session where our panel of experts from IBM, Google, Lyft, VMware, Linkerd, and RedHat will address your most challenging inquiries around microservice and service mesh!

avatar for Jason McGee

Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, IBM
Jason is currently responsible for the IBM Cloud’s platform services, including Kubernetes, Functions, Cloud Foundry, Kafka event streams, Logging, Monitoring, Container Registry, Schematics, Terraform and Activity Tracker. Jason is also responsible for the technical strategy and... Read More →

avatar for Zack Butcher

Zack Butcher

Founding Engineer, Tetrate
Zack is a core contributor to Istio and a founding engineer at Tetrate. Previously he worked at Google on Istio and on a variety of teams across Google Cloud Platform, focusing on authorization, policy, and the internal system Istio draws from. He's spoken about OSS projects like... Read More →
avatar for Tamar Eilam

Tamar Eilam

IBM Fellow, IBM Research, IBM
Tamar Eilam is an IBM Fellow for IBM Research. Tamar leads research in emerging cloud native programming models, devops and microservices. She is interested in the question of how to continuously deliver new functions to running services while minimizing the risk and maximizing the... Read More →
avatar for William Morgan

William Morgan

CEO, Buoyant
William Morgan is the cofounder and CEO of Buoyant, creators of Linkerd. Prior to Buoyant, he was an infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he helped move Twitter from monolith to microservices. He was a software engineer at Powerset, Microsoft, and Adap.tv, and a research scientist at MITRE... Read More →
avatar for Louis Ryan

Louis Ryan

Principal Software Engineer, Google
Louis Ryan is a Principal Engineer at Google working on APIs and microservices. Prior to working on Istio he co-authored the GRPC spec and ran the infrastructure that supports Google's consumer-facing APIs.

Thursday December 13, 2018 11:40am - 12:15pm
Ballroom 6E


Service Meshes: The Production Readiness Checklist for the Rest of Us - Zachary Arnold & Austin Adams, Ygrene Energy Fund
At KubeCon Austin in 2017 during the Keynote sessions it was declared: "2018 is the Year of the Service Mesh." At Ygrene, this has been a true statement. SM's have been a great evolution in service-to-service communication. However, the long and short of it is, these tools are not straightforward to simply drop into our clusters and watch them magically work for us. Because of this, we evaluated several service mesh tools using a rubric of our company's needs, and developed a production readiness checklist that would be relevant for any service mesh. We'll share with you our evaluation rubric and production readiness checklist which will hopefully aid you on your journey to better service-to-service communication.

avatar for Austin Adams

Austin Adams

Software Development Manager, Ygrene Energy Fund
Austin Adams is a passionately curious technologist who is people oriented, fast learning and excited to challenge tough problems with modern solutions. He focuses his computing energy on the cloud and how to make software that is easy to change and enjoyable for the end user. He... Read More →
avatar for Zachary Arnold

Zachary Arnold

Software Engineer, Ygrene Energy Fund
Zach Arnold works as a Software Engineer for Ygrene Energy Fund in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. He is an active contributor to open source including the Kubernetes project. As a CNCF junkie, Zach helps his good friend and colleague Austin Adams organize the North Bay CNCF meetup... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 1:45pm - 2:20pm
Ballroom 6E


Reducing Mean-Time-to-Detection of Incidents with an Envoy Service Mesh - Constance Caramanolis, Lyft
Incident management is inherently stressful and is made worse when the diagnostics and observability data is lacking and heterogenous. Lyft runs Envoy at every hop of the network providing best in class observability across the entirety of Lyft’s network topology. Homogenous data reduces the time it takes to identify production issues. This talk will simulate a production incident at Lyft and guide the attendees through a page from the dreaded PagerDuty notification to resolution, by showing how engineers use Envoy’s extensive observability to identify and root cause the incident and remedy the situation, thus reducing mean time to resolution.

avatar for Constance Caramanolis

Constance Caramanolis

Software Engineer, Lyft
Constance Caramanolis is a Software Engineer at Lyft working on the Server Networking team. For the past two years, she has built and deployed Envoy and its ecosystem. Constance focuses on configuration management, network security and engineering education. In addition, she is an... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 2:35pm - 3:10pm
Ballroom 6E


Is Istio the Most Next Gen Next Gen Firewall Ever Created? - John Morello, Twistlock
Istio is emerging as a popular service mesh layer for cloud native apps and it delivers a variety of great features for devops scenarios. While security is one of its core tenets, Istio has far more potential than simply providing a secure wire transport between services. Its deep knowledge of the application layer, awareness of service concepts, and integrated service authentication mechanisms make it well suited for not just encrypting traffic flows but enforcing a least privilege connectivity model.

In this session, we’ll talk about how putting all these capabilities together can result in a truly Next Gen NGFW that’s not just optimized for cloud native scenarios, but actually delivers better security because of them.

avatar for John Morello

John Morello

CTO, Twistlock
In his day to day role as CTO of Twistlock, John Morello blends his CISO pedigree with a prescient view of the future of enterprise cloud technologies. Instead of seeing containers and cloud infrastructure as inherently less secure, John viewed the unique technology of containers... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 3:40pm - 4:15pm
Ballroom 6E


Game Server Networking with Envoy - Christopher M Luciano, IBM
Game servers can be incredibly difficult to scale and operate within cloud environments. Latency management is paramount to ensuring that game players' experiences to vary widely even on less reliable broadband. Game developers often operate at Layer 4 TCP/UDP and implement their own custom protocols atop. As such, many popular libraries that operate at the HTTP layer are useless for assisting the developer with common traffic shifting patterns like circuit-breaking and retries. This talk will introduce Envoy and demo how it can be leveraged by game developers to assist in their network communication between hosted or on-prem deployments.

avatar for Christopher Luciano

Christopher Luciano

Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
Christopher M Luciano is an advisory software developer for IBM’s Digital Business Group, where he works on Kubernetes, Istio, and Envoy. Previously, Christopher was the lead on the Watson container runtime squad. He is a frequent speaker about Istio and Kubernetes and has recently... Read More →

Thursday December 13, 2018 4:30pm - 5:05pm
Ballroom 6E