Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Dan Shaw

dshaw LLC
San Francisco, CA
Dan Shaw, aka “dshaw”, has dedicated his career to growing the Node.js Ecosystem. Dan was instrumental in the formation of the Node.js Foundation where he served on the Board as Director. Dan is known as "The Godfather of Node.js” for his tireless efforts to build community and align the needs of developers and business leaders.Dan is a keynote speaker and speaks about Leadership, Node.js, JavaScript and Digital Transformation. He is recognizable as the “Voice of Node.js” as the long-time host of the NodeUp podcast. Dan has created numerous events like EnterpriseJS, NodeDay, SFNode, SFNodeBots, and Nodebots Day to provide opportunities to share knowledge and learn.Dan created the first consulting company dedicated to Node.js called The Node Firm and then the first commercial entity to productize Node.js with NodeSource. Today, Dan Shaw works across the industry providing leadership as a Strategic Advisor to companies looking to grow their presence and work effectively with Node.js.Dan Shaw,又名“dshaw”,致力于发展Node.js生态系统。 Dan在组建Node.js基金会方面发挥了重要作用,他在董事会担任董事。 Dan因其为建立社区和调整开发人员和商业领袖的需求所做的不懈努力而被称为“Node.js的教父”.Dan是一位主题发言人,讲述了Leadership,Node.js,JavaScript和Digital Transformation。他是作为NodeUp播客的长期主持人,可以称之为“Node.js之声”.Dan创建了许多活动,如EnterpriseJS,NodeDay,SFNode,SFNodeBots和Nodebots Day,以提供分享知识和学习的机会.Dan创建了第一家致力于Node.js的咨询公司,名为The Node Firm,然后是第一家用NodeSource生产Node.js的商业实体。今天,Dan Shaw在整个行业中发挥领导作为战略顾问,为那些希望发展自己的存在并有效工作的公司提供服务与Node.js.