Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Irfan Ur Rehman

Senior Engineer
Bangalore, India
Irfan is a senior engineer with Huawei Technologies and is currently associated with the cloud platforms team. In his current role he is part of the engineering group that works as a bridge between the kubernetes open source project and Huawei's adaptation of the same in its cloud paas platform. His previous experience involves leading part of the linux based OS platform development consumed internally by Huawei products, being part of linux benchmarking and multiple sw development projects with Motorola and Hewlett Peckard. He has previously spoken at multiple open source conferences, including kubecon, linuxcon and opensourcecon.Irfan 是华为技术公司的高级工程师,目前与云平台团队相关联。在目前的职责中,他是工程团队的一员,该团队作为 Kubernetes 开源项目和华为将其运用于云 paas 平台之间的桥梁。他先前的工作履历包括,领导华为产品内部消费的基于 Linux 的操作系统平台开发,参与 Linux 基准测试以及摩托罗拉和惠普 Peckard 的多个软件开发项目。他曾多次在包括 linuxcon 和 opensourcecon 的开源大会上发表演讲。