Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Jay Smith

Cloud Customer Engineer 云客户工程师
Bay Area, CA
Jason ‘Jay’ Smith is a Cloud Customer Engineer at Google. He is passionate containerization and machine learning so Kubeflow was a natural fit as it allows users to run machine learning models on Kubernetes. He has spent much time learning about Kubernetes and has become interesting in using it to power Deep Learning.

Jason“Jay”Smith 是谷歌的云客户工程师。他的工作职责是帮助各大企业在谷歌云上找寻方式扩大工作量。大数据是他的爱好之一,因为企业也在寻找收集、存储和分析信息的方式。目前他在 Kubeflow 上市团队任职,帮助人们以“集装箱的形式”打包机器学习技术,用于改善便携性和扩展性。他此前曾在 DockerCon 演讲。