Seattle, WA
December 10–13, 2018
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Xiang Li

Senior Staff Engineer
Xiang is a Senior Staff Engineer of Alibaba. He works on Alibaba’s cluster management system and helps with Kubernetes adoption for the entire Alibaba group. Prior to Alibaba, Xiang led the Kubernetes upstream team at CoreOS. He is also the creator of etcd and Kubernetes operator pattern. Xiang 是阿里巴巴的高级主任工程师。他负责阿里巴巴集群管理平台,帮助将 Kubernetes 应用于整个阿里巴巴集团。 加入阿里巴巴之前,Xiang 曾在 CoreOS 带领 Kubernetes 上游团队。他也曾创建 etcd 和 Kubernetes 操作模式。